Claudia Lanigan

Meet Claudia

Claudia Lanigan has a passion for healing and helping people. She is trained in numerous healing modalities and combines powerful tools of ThetaHealing, nurturing touch and Young Living essential oils to create a holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes that it is not enough to offer therapeutic healing, rather that it is essential for people to involve themselves in their own process of healing.

Claudia has facilitated thousands of therapy sessions and teaches workshops on essential oils and various healing techniques worldwide. She has studied a variety of therapeutic modalities for the past 30 years and is a Master of ThetaHealing. She also holds certifications in Essential Oil Trainer, massage, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming.
Essential Oils Expert

Essential Oils Expert

Essentials Oils Expert

Essential Oils Expert

To become proficient at using oils its simple. Use Them.  Each essential oil has molicules that are the intelligence and life force of the plants that mankind has evolved with for thousands of years. Put them on and those molecules come in and feed, balance, energise, dissolve infections microbes and oxegenate anyone with enough courage and common sence to use them.
The smell is a nose gasm. The sensation is a skin gasm, the oxygen is a bloodgasm, the ingredients are braingasms, if you are in pain you may experience a reliefgasm.  If at any time it is too much energy coming in use an organic vegitable oil to dilute it down.  It is truly that simple. One caution:  Don’t use oils that are adulterated or not suppliment quality. Because the the molecules are so small in a distilled essential oil, they go from your skin to the saliva in 2 1/2 seconds! They are in every organ within 30 including your brain. Thats good unless you have chosen an oil that has toxins in it. Or a shampoo, conditioner or skin cream that has petrochemicals with essential oils so the oils deliver those chemicals in. Stay pure.  I only use oils from one company. They are Afnor Standardized.
Essential Oil Mastery To become a Master at using essential oils use them more and be creative. Trust your intuition. If you are using young living oils its safe to injest  many of them. Look in the product guide or peel the lable to see if it has a supplement label on them. There are books for ideas and we will include ideas on this website. Allow your self to be surprised aa you start to listen to your body and the energy of the oils. All things speak and you can hear.
Until that time there are a list of books that you can use to become profficient and build your courage to have brilliant health and clarity:
1. The bible: Essential Oils Desk Reference Legacy (5th Edition reference guide

Price : US$75.00 cumbersome and huge book but lots of info

2. Reference Guide Bundle for Essential Oils $45.95 at  1001 Wonderful and easy to use.  This also includes a little spiral that I use and travel with.

Or you could consider joining my team of oil enthusiasts because we host oils shares, and classes, and have a web site of tips which we allow to be translated.

Master Teacher

I thrive on  helping people realize their abilities. I believe anyone who is on the planet now is a master. Lets bring in our complete awareness. When a person pays me or trades with me for a class the robes of teacher are sacred to me. When they learn how to use oils for instance, they are empowered to be well without me.  When I teach them ThetaHealing as a Modality, they are empowered to slow their brains down and to wittness, dream, experience or create the outcome that they would like to have in their lives.  Because my experience is that most people love others, and would like to create a better world, then as a collective, as more of us learn how to visualize and feel that, it will happen.  I am trained in many modalities as a teacher. And my being is patient now. When I show up in your life, as a guest, or you pay me for a class, you are agreeing to become more able. I teach masters who are ready to transform. Initiations begin and I Love the process and those with the courage to show up. We all came at this time, didn’t we?

High Touch Healer

I call my sessions High Touch Healing. Whether by phone or in person, the experience is a blend of all I know. (see trainings).  In 1999, my hands started moving on their own. after a series of energetic and metaphysical experiences.  Mentally I began to get more information from my clients and what I think has happened really is my nervous system reads yours and our nervous system is really really big and the information is readily available and it can be changed. In ThetaHealing (one modality that I teach) we learn powerful techniques for identifying and wittnessing changes so by phone that comes in as handy as it does in person. If you call or come in for a session, I ask you what you came in for, and your intention sets the rest of the event. I may ask questions as I watch and sence what comes next. I am guided by source, as part of the process is to expand out as far as possible to the first intelligence that created it all which we are always part of. Some call it God, some call it other things, but it has the answers and they can be percieved.  In hypnosis I learned that it doesn’t matter what your conscious mind thinks about all this, the unconscious mind is in control  of changes, and this method gets there and our unconscious is aware and is one with our infinate self.  So often my clients change miraculously and that makes us both happy.

High touch healder